The Interdisciplinary Research Center

The Interdisciplinary
Research Center

on Intimate Relationship
Problems and Sexual

We promote the pooling of expertise to develop a thorough understanding of issues related to intimate relationships and interpersonal traumas.

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Bringing together knowledge to promote the well-being of individuals, couples, and families. 

CRIPCAS's work pools the expertise of our researchers and a vast network of collaborators from different backgrounds across Quebec, Canada and abroad. 
Our research contributes to raising awareness regarding interpersonal violence and relationship challenges at all stages of life by documenting risk factors, protective factors, and repercussions. Armed with this knowledge, we develop and evaluate prevention and intervention initiatives that are based on rigorous data and improve practices.

Sophie Bergeron

" Our relationships with our loved ones have powerful effects on our quality of life, health, and longevity. Ultimately, the work of CRIPCAS aims to help individuals build strong bonds based on support, respect, and inclusion. "

Sophie Bergeron, Ph.D.
Scientific Director of CRIPCAS



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Ready to get involved in collaborative projects?

The Student Committee of CRIPCAS develops various initiatives aimed at promoting the work of researcher and student members, as well as community partners. Students who serve on the Committee have the opportunity to engage in projects related to scientific popularization and knowledge transfer, participate in the organization of the Center's scientific activities, and represent the interests and needs of the student community to the Board of Directors. 


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