An enriching experience

The student members of CRIPCAS have the opportunity to participate in numerous scientific training and outreach activities organized every year, such as conferences, webinars, clinical workshops, advanced statistics training, and national and international conferences. They can also get involved in the Student Committee, which develops various initiatives in scientific popularization, including a blog, a podcast, and an Instagram page.

The issues that are the
subject of our research

Student Committee

The CRIPCAS Student Committee was established to promote the development of initiatives based on the needs expressed directly by student members. They offer various scientific activities, training sessions, webinars, and numerous opportunities for professional and social networking.


Master's or Doctoral studies

CRIPCAS student members complete their work on one or more themes of the Center and are supervised by a permanent member. Students can enroll based on the affiliation of their supervisor at one of the seven partner universities, with the aim of obtaining a Master's (M.Sc., M.A.) or Doctoral (Ph.D., Psy.D.) degree. Given our mission that combines research and practice, many student members also receive training in intervention during their graduate studies.


Postdoctoral internship

A postdoctoral internship at CRIPCAS enhances your knowledge, increases your expertise, and broadens your network.

It is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge on interpersonal trauma and intimate relationships and to publish your findings in top scientific journals, all while collaborating with our numerous partners in the field. At CRIPCAS, you become part of a supportive and enriching community that provides the necessary resources for the realization of your professional aspirations, both in terms of scientific research and knowledge mobilization. This postdoctoral internship will enable you to establish connections with the best researchers in the field, who are always eager to mentor you, and to access the next stages of your career development.


Financial aid 

The postdoctoral fellow will be encouraged to seek financial support from various funding agencies. CRIPCAS and your mentor will support you in these endeavors.


Portraits des membres
étudiant.e.s du CRIPCAS

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Florence Léonard

Program and Level of Study: Master's in Psychology (M.Sc.)

Research area : Marriage psychology

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René-Marc Lavigne

Program and Level of Study: Postdoctorate

Research area : Psychoeducation

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Marie-Pierre Légaré-Baribeau

Program and Level of Study: Doctorate in Psychology - Research and Intervention (Ph.D. R/I)

Research areas : Weight-related Stigmatization, Eating Disorders, Couple Relationships

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