Completing a postdoctoral
fellowship at the Center

A CRIPCAS postdoctoral fellowship provides advanced mentoring in a stimulating environment and access to numerous resources to help you achieve your career goals. It's a unique opportunity to enhance your expertise in addressing national and international social issues. This fellowship also offers a chance to build your network and engage in stimulating scientific exchanges with renowned researchers who are eager to share their expertise and guide your professional development. A postdoctoral fellowship at CRIPCAS allows you to access our various community partners and integrate scientific knowledge with practical intervention.

The issues that are
the subject of our research

The stages of life
covered by our research



 Emerging adulthood


Late adulthood

Cutting-edge expertise with
marginalized populations


Indigenous Peoples


Sexual and/or
gender minorities


Populations from
disadvantaged or child
welfare-involved backgrounds


Diverse romantic and
sexual configurations

Access to the provincial
university network

In Quebec, postdoctoral fellowships are regulated and require full-time enrollment at a university in compliance with provincial regulations established by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES). Postdoctoral fellows at CRIPCAS can enroll at one of our seven partner universities, based on the affiliation of their research supervisor.

Financial support

The postdoctoral fellow who chooses to start a scientific career at CRIPCAS will be encouraged to seek financial support from various funding agencies. The CRIPCAS leadership will support you in your efforts.


International postdoctoral fellowships 

You want to complete a postdoctoral fellowship in Canada? CRIPCAS offers you a unique research environment in Quebec, French-speaking and multicultural, rich in experiences both human and scientific.


Two ways to complete a
postdoctoral fellowship with CRIPCAS 

Choose a research topic that you are passionate about

We address several research themes at CRIPCAS. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the various research laboratories and teams, and then contact a research director who is a member of CRIPCAS. They can discuss the needs of their team and the process to follow.

Choose from the posted postdoctoral fellowship opportunities.


Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities

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