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The brief history of CRIPCAS

The founding members of CRIPCAS began their collaboration in 1992 through a research partnership called PRIMASE. The PRIMASE team was studying sexual abuse among children. From that time, significant and sustainable partnerships were created with partners in practice settings, facilitated by the clinical and research training of the majority of researchers and by the two-way exchanges on the research questions that needed to be addressed. The research projects and scientific activities of PRIMASE, as well as those of two other teams funded by the FCAR working on intimate relationship problems, were gradually integrated into a broader research structure, thus laying the groundwork for what would become a real strategic cluster. Established in 2002, CRIPCAS focuses on sexual abuse (children, adolescents, women and men) as well as intimate relationship problems and the associations between these two issues.

The 2002-2008 FRQSC grant allowed us to articulate the projects around the in-depth study of sexual abuse and intimate relationship problems, bringing out from this network of researchers an innovative niche on the associations between these two themes. The 2008-2014 grant consolidated memberships and strengthened collaborations between researchers and partners in practice settings. During this period, we contributed to the advancement of knowledge by taking into account the co-occurrence of different forms of maltreatment, by studying subgroups at risk, by using more complex statistical analyzes to report on dyadic examinations. Since the 2014-2020 grant, several prestigious grants were awarded to our members (Research Scholars, CIHR Foundation, Research Chairs, CFI), attesting to the expertise of our researchers, the importance and the quality of our work. Several longitudinal large sample studies are underway to account for both normal development and inflections of the pathway provoked by different forms of interpersonal violence.

CRIPCAS’ mission and objectives

The objective of CRIPCAS is to contribute to the development of knowledge on sexual abuse and intimate relationship problems, taking into account the interaction between these two themes. In order to advance research in these fields and to make our research findings accessible to all stakeholders, CRIPCAS carries out its activities in collaboration with various partners from academic, institutional and community settings. More specifically, CRIPCAS pursues the following specific objectives:

(1) develop knowledge through rigorous research under the three research axes;

(2) train a new generation of scientists and specialized stakeholders;

(3) transfer knowledge to study populations, users / professionals and policy makers;

(4) develop research infrastructures and resources;

(5) renew programming based on results, needs (e.g. clinical questions from our partners) and research methods.

It is by achieving our objectives and the accumulation of results in the short and medium term that our work will contribute in the long term to the reduction of the rates of sexual violence, the improvement of the emotional, relational and sexual functioning of the individuals and couples, and the reduction of social costs associated with these issues.